your workup


Our brains are built from billions of cells that work together in complex networks to control all aspects of our behavior.  Our brains handle everything we do – from thinking to feeling, from seeing to hearing, from moving to sleeping – and everything between.  And after decades of research, we know that individual performance on a battery of neurocognitive tests can be useful in detecting subtle brain changes related to many psychological, neurological and health outcomes.  We therefore encourage you to get evaluated and establish a brain health benchmark.


Prior to your first visit, you are asked to complete the forms provided here [link] and bring them to your scheduled appointment.  The first part of your visit will consist of a brief interview to gather relevant information about the patient’s history of brain injury, concussion, learning problems (e.g., dyslexia), ADHD, memory problems, or anything else that might be important to know.  You, your child, or other family member will then spend about 2-4 hours completing several tests that have been developed to gauge functioning in core neurocognitive areas.  About four weeks later, you will return for a one-on-one meeting to review your results, ask questions, and receive a brief report that summarizes your workup.  If after your evaluation we are concerned about anything out of the ordinary, or hints of a possible neurologic or psychiatric problem, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist (e.g., psychologist, neurologist or psychiatrist) for a more targeted evaluation.


We have selected a precise battery of tests that as a group can detect subtle yet potentially important changes in brain and neurocognitive functioning.  The neurocognitive processes on which we focus are the following:

General Cognitive Function
Reading Efficiency
Attention & Concentration
Executive Functions
Short-term/Working Memory
Long-term Memory/Learning
Processing Speed
Reaction Time
Verbal Reasoning
Visuospatial Problem Solving
Language Fluency


It is important to remember that the information obtained from your evaluation is completely confidential and only shared between you and your clinician.  Confidentiality is both a legal and ethical priority, and we have set high standards to protect patient confidentiality.


We accept the following insurance providers:

Anthem Blue Cross Covered California
Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer
Beech Street Corporation /WC
Blue Shield Covered California
Blue Shield of California
Brand New Day
ChoiceCare Network
Coventry Health Care
First Health
Great-West Healthcare of California, Inc.
Health Net
Health Net Covered California
Health Plans of Nevada
Kern Health Systems
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Workers Health & Welfare
Marian Health Services
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital
Private Health Care Systems
TakeCare (GUAM)
TriWest Healthcare Alliance (UHC)
USC Network
Union Roofers Health & Welfare Fund
United Healthcare